Friday, June 1, 2012

Formal introductions

Welcome to Ramblings From The Needlepoint Nomad.  My name is Renee Seidman, and I am co-owner of Gone Stitching, along with Michele Mandel. Gone Stitching is a brick and mortor Needlepoint store in Bergenfield, NJ.  If anyone wants to check out more of us you can go to

This blog grew out of all the crazy things that happen here, that no one would ever believe could happen, but do!  The shop has become a place where everyone is family, customers and staff, and sometimes it feels as if I am always at a family reunion.  Aunt Nettie is pouring drinks in the corner and someone is going to be thrown in the pool before the party's over!  Like any family though, we always make up and go on.  As my customers sit at our tables in the shop, they share of piece of themselves as they work on their canvases.  Much of my inspiration comes directly from these women and men.  They help me take the designs and ideas that float around my brain become new canvases and classes.

Why the Needlepoint Nomad you ask?  As much as my customers stitch together and feed off each others energy and ideas, I still find that stitching  for me is a very solitary experience.  I spend the early hours of each morning stitching at my kitchen table, as my family sleeps and the sun has not yet risen.  As I stitch my mind roams places and refills my vase of creative energies for that day.  I am ready for a day filled with dyelot issues, stitch questions, and needlepoint emergencies.